The cabin project

Copenhagen Inthebeginning Musik

The cabin project

Making an album      

recorded by Mark Howard    


The two singers/composers Kira Skov & Marie Fisker are both well established artist on the Danish music scene and both are based in Copenhagen.

Kira left Denmark in her teens and travelled around the world for many years, based in both London and Los Angeles, performing with a bohemian Rock ‘n Roll band, before moving back to Copenhagen to set of on her own solo carrier which instantly took off. She has  released 8 highly acclaimed and awarded studio albums to date, including a joint recording projects with Tore Johansson and the Gospel, one with Peter Peter from Sort Sol (legendary Danish Punk band) and their joint project Persona, as well as recording and touring around the world with Tricky (UK).

Marie released two solo albums, also highly critically acclaimed. Recorded and produced by Marie and Jakob Høyer in their shared studio. She has toured around the world with Anders Trentemøller. Recently she has been involved making music for films and coaching actors on set, apart from performing with her own band live.

Mark Howard is a record producer and engineer. He is best known for his 23-year-long musical partnership wit Daniel Lanois. Recording and producing artists such as Bob Dylan, Willie Nielson, Marianne Faithful, Neil Young, Tom Waits, Iggy Pop and so forth. Mark likes to set up his mobile studio and record albums in alternative settings such as the dessert, an old church, theatre et.


Kira and Marie started working together early in there teens, buskin in the streets of Copenhagen, as well as playing small gigs here and there. But most of all they enjoyed singing together exploring and discovering music together in front of the record player at home in the afternoons until late at night. Then they parted for many years. Each to develop their sound and writing skills. Kira in LA and Marie in Denmark.

Kira teamed up with Mark Howard in Los Angeles in 2008, where he mixed her album ”The railtrain, the meadow, the freeway and the shadows”. They stayed in touch and Kira introduced him to a tv-performance with Marie and Kira and he was very impressed. They decided to make an album. Years passed, but finally the time has arrived and they have set the date. We will record an album in Mark Howard’s cabin outside of Toronto during the month of May 2013.

I you want to join us in the making of this record we will make special sessions from the cabin.

Get connected and make this happen by donating.

¨This is a very special record for us to make. We have started the preparation and we are collaborating with Oliver Hoiness around the song-writing and pre-production. Oliver is both a songwriter and guitar-player, and a prominent figure on the Danish underground scene, with both  electronic pop and avant-garde and African influences up his sleeve, together with Mark Howard we are certain that we will make a very special album. The brilliant musician and songwriter Ned Ferm from Maine will join us in Canada”.





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