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Our team at TAPIOCA has been developing this idea for some time and recently we have been accepted in Copenhagen’s new food market, in the meat packing district, where we will stay from the 4th of April to September 2015, every Saturday from 10 to 18 and the last Sunday of every month!!! We are very excited about this opportunity and we are here to ask for your starting kick.

Copenhagen has recently been in the epicenter of a gastronomic earthquake that brought us the world’s best restaurants and made Michelin stars rain down in town- it has brought us inspiring ideas and brilliant dishes but prices gone up and quality did not always follow.

We think that there’s a gap between Copenhagen as the new fine dining spot in the world map and what locals demand in their everyday lives- authentic food. And let me tell you what: we are not alone.

Copenhagen’s new food market, where TAPIOCA will start on the 4th of April, will be a revolution in the city. The market’s aim is to create a cozy and popular environment where quality food is sold for an accessible price, to contradict the actual tendency.

TAPIOCA seems to be tailor-made for this new hot spot in town. We want to make DELICIOUS & ORGANIC South American street food & cocktails using fresh local ingredients; and we want to sell it for an AFFORDABLE price.

We believe that a quality product can be prepared with respect for the environment (by reducing waste and using primarily organic ingredients) and respect for the consumer. It’s all about what motivates you; and we have the utmost passion for taste and a steady commitment to sustainability.


“Feijoada” is Brazil’s national dish from north to south and it’s my personal favorite. We wanna make organic Feijoada always available in TAPIOCA.

Our Feijoada is served with rice and a creamy black bean stew with smoked bacon- it takes 3 days to make it! We soak them, pre-cook them and simmer them gently down until it reaches the perfect consistency. You will have the option to add braised pork belly and spicy chorizo to that, which I strongly recommend.

To complement this incredible dish we will be serving Brazil’s favorite cocktail: The Caipirinha! A special combination of lime, sugar and cachaça: Brazil’s national spirit. At tapioca we have been relentlessly searching for the perfect cachaça among the hundreds of available brands and we found it! We have also created our variations of the original recipe of the cocktail, to accommodate for the more adventurous costumer. So if you like a classic caipirinha, I am sure you will love our ginger and elder flower spin-off.

We want to bring an old Brazilian tradition called “Feijão Amigo” to the streets of Copenhagen. Feijão Amigo means friendly beans, and it’s a story about sharing and caring that we wanna keep alive in Tapioca. Feijão amigo is basically a small portion of the black bean stew served somewhere small, typically in a glass. It would be offered to basically anyone that was not invited for lunch but was passing by or for a short visit… as a token of friendship. We will try to give everything we cannot sell to charity institutions.


To make the best South American food and drinks in Copenhagen for the lowest price possible, where fun and flavor is in the center among the guests. The food we serve is delicious, as organic as possible and inspired by the South American street kitchen. Our service reflects the South American “warm” culture and the Danish “popular culture” (folkelighed) so that guests feel that they eat at home with good friends. The bar is always ” on fire” to make the best Caipirinhas in town that matches very well with our Feijoada, which of course also is the best… If we are to make it, so it must be the best – if not, we might as well not bother.


Cooking is love, art and technique. Everything we do is prepared from scratch with respect for the people, the ingredients and the environment. Taste is our ultimate goal and our concept wants to find a place in the heart of the Danes.


The food is genuine and prepared from scratch (French, Scandinavian and South American technique) with fresh ingredients (mostly Danish), with a focus on taste, quantity, presentation and price. The dishes (salt & sweet kitchen) are inspired by the South American “street kitchen”, from the Brazilian feijoada down to the Argentinian dulce de leche, all the way up to the Mexican guacamole and then down again to the Peruvian ceviche. Our menu will change constantly but we will keep key items on the menu always available, like feijoada. We would like to have guests from all ages and different cultural backgrounds. We think there is more synergy in a heterogeneous environment.


Our bar loves all the South American spirits, rum, tequila, mezcal and specially cachaça. We have locals in Brazil working to find the best cachaças so we can make our caipirinhas the best in town.

We will serve the traditional cocktails made with these spirits but we will always include our own variations that will include local and seasonal ingredients to bring a new flavor to the more brave cocktail enthusiasts.

If alcohol is not an option for you, have no fear! Our bar will serve fresh pressed juices and delicious and tangy lemonades


Your money will be used to buy the initial equipment and other start-up expenses. We designed the project to be low risk and start with a low budget.


Because we are only open one day per week, our biggest challenge is to produce the right amount of food, so nothing goes to waste. We are trying to solve this by making agreements with local charity institutions that could take what we cannot sell.

Another challenge will be our competition. Many of them are already well established businesses with many years of experience in the market. We believe that the originality of our product will make a difference in the eyes of the consumer and therefore conquer our market share.



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