Sweet Happy Bike

Copenaghen luigidamico Gastronomi


Hallo Everyone

I am an Italian man, with passion for Ice Cream, Pastry, Tiramisu and Pizza.

I also had a coffee factory before, named “Monteleone Caffe”: so it will be a pleasure for me to share the coffee passion, with special espresso, cappuccino, and much more.


I have been done also Napoletan Pizza course, with great experience in gourmet Pizza.

Moreover I come from a city called Pizzo Calabro (Italy), which is named “City of Gelato”. (watch Tartufo di Pizzo, special gelato)


My idea is to spread around the city the Italian flavours, always with a smile, using Danish fresh products. (0 kms).

I wish to reach all the parts of city, and bring joy with my products.

It’s wonderful to be close to everyone, in special places as parks, festivals, monuments, museums and buildings.

And of course for private events.


Of course, this will be an eco friendly project. Bike with Solar Panel on the roof.


So my project is to buy an electrical bike, that I have already seen on the market.


And because there are different products to sell, the idea is  to convert the bike for summer season and winter season.


Summer Season sell Coffee, Hot chocolate, Ice Cream and special Italian sweets, as:

1. Traditional Italian Gelato, called “Tartufo di Pizzo”.

2. Special sweet called “Cannoli Siciliani”

3. Several varieties of  Tiramisu

4. Other kind of sweets

5. Coffee

6. Possibility to sell fresh coffee also (for  use at home)



In Winter season convert the bike for hot products:

Pizza, “Calzoni”, Hot Dog and Hamburger.

So on top it will be a placed  a small pizza oven (to create the real Italian Pizza, Napoletan Style) and a fry top for the burgers.


It will be used a special prototype electric bike, with a box at the base, useful to put tools and fridges.

On top of the box,  there will be built 4 walls in plexiglass, with a rooftop, with a solar panel for energy savings.


On top of the box there will be space for the coffee machine, while inside the box at the bottom space for fridges for ice-cream and other sweets.

In winter time it will placed a pizza oven, and a fry top for burgers.


To startup the business I need around 40000 KR, mostly to buy the bike, the fridges and the tools and the oven.

I have already some tools for the pizza, like knives, thermometer (laser and not), weights, and dough maker.

I need the small oven. Moreover I need the coffee machine and the freezer to storage  the ice creams called “Tartufo” and the tiramisu.


Believe me.

You will enjoy all these products






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