Suburban Lovers - Driving

Copenhagen frederikdenning Musik
Suburban Lovers - Driving
Suburban Lovers - Driving

Listen to the music right here.

Suburban Lovers consists of Esben (Vitamin C/Tex Fuller) and Frederik (Bright Kids/F. E. Denning), who (that’s us) decided to record an EP together one dark weekend in march. Both brought a couple of songs, but by the end of the weekend we suddenly had a record instead of an EP.

We would very much like to bring this music to you on a nice vinyl recording but we after crashing a car and getting our bikes stolen, we are so broke that we need your help to do it!

If we reach our goal we will press the recording in an edition of 250 copies that will be distributed in all of Denmark. Since the Danish Post Service is so expensive, we cannot include shipping in our funding, but we will arrange pick-ups in Aalborg, Århus, Odense and Copenhagen, and it will be possible to pay for the shipping if you would like us to send the record to you by mail.

What do you get?

Everyone donating 100kr and above gets the album.

Everone gets instant download links for Suburban Lovers – Driving AND Vitamin C – S/T (links are mailed as soon as the project is financed)

Everyone gets our eternal gratitude.

And MUCH more

For everything you donate more than 100kr you will able to choose between the following from the back catalogue of Slow Records (for example: If you donate 300kr you could choose to have the Tex Fuller and the Kloster albums in addition to the Suburban Lovers album). The list is as follows:

Tex Fuller – Flooded Lawns Full Length (Vinyl) 100kr

Kloster – Do Not Be Afraid Full lengt album  (Virgin vinyl) – 100kr

Melting Walkmen – Broken Glass (7″ Vinyl) – 50kr

Johan Denning – Going Back Home (CD album) – 50kr

Johan Denning – Rain (CD album) – 100kr

Sink Ships – Half The Boy (CD EP) – 50kr

Peter Brandt – Uddannet i at være underlig (CD album) – 100kr



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