Lys i Mørket

About the film:

A married couple living on a smal island in the Baltic between Sweden and Russia, one day gets an unexpected visitor. This stranger is on the run from the russian authorities, and proclaim that he is a political refugee. The couple begins to disagree whether he is telling the truth, or maybe a dangerous terrorist. A conflict between the three people accellerates, and leads to something neither of them wishes.

The film is going to be shot in swedish, but more than half of the spoken language will be in english. It will be shot either in Sweden or Norway, because these countries have a lot of fantastic looking rock islands with lighthouses on, which we need for our – one and only – location.

About the people behind:

The writer/director of this film, Peter Wiik, was educated on London Film School, and he has been working as a director and editor in the danish film business since 1992. He has directed several short films, commercials, TV-shows and corporate films since his graduation from film school, and makes a living doing this.

About the campaign:

The goal of this campaign is 50.000 kr.. This will ensure us to make this film the way it should be made; the visuals are very important in the sense that it needs to be shot in dark weather. We need the atmosphere to be sinister, hence it should be dark (or half-dark), most of the time. And this way of shooting is expencive, because of more complicated lighting. Other than that, it will ensure that we can shoot it at the right location, which is a high-cliff rock island on the norwegian westcoast.

This campaign will not only take place on this site. We also have ads on Facebook, with links to a special website for this film (, and we have crowdfunding campaigns on other crowdfunding websites such as IndieGogo and Fundedbyme.  This way we hope that our funding goal will be reached faster, and we will be able to begin principal photography (shooting) sooner.

About the production:

Our total budget is 500.000 $, which is not a lot, but enough to ensure, that the film will get the desired look and style. these funds will be raised from local filmfunds, government funding and eu-funding.

About the perks:

IF you choose to donate – and hence be a part of this filmproduction – you will of course get a reward. We have some cool rewards, which you can see listed on the right side.

IF the project doesn’t reach its goal, you will get your money back, but you will still be on our mailing list, and we will ofcourse let you know when the film is finished – you will still be able to watch it for free, as a gift, for your willingness to participate.


Thank you so much for reading about this project, which we hope you find interesting. We will of course be very happy if you choose to donate, but it will also be a big help to us, if you share the link with people you know. Word of mouth is just as important as funds.

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