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The Film
Kaleb (Fred Toliver Jr.) has been kicked out of his home in Long Island, N.Y. for almost a year. His family’s tense demeanor is apparent as they try to ignore the fact that Kaleb is not there.
One day Jacque (Atibon Nazaire), Kaleb’s father, sees Kaleb in a local newspaper accused of raping a young girl. The police search for Kaleb and his friends while the incident sparks friction within the family, demanding Jacque to respond to his wife’s ultimatum:

As an American-born Haitian, I originally wanted my first feature film to be in Haiti. It was supposed to be a raw street drama about the Haitian dream. I began to write the treatment for the movie, and I wanted to direct it during the summer of 2010. But the idea of shooting my film in Haiti was shattered after a 7.0 earthquake devastated the country. National buildings were destroyed, homes turned into dust and under the debris laid men, women and children, who couldn’t escape what the resilient people of Haiti could only describe as fate.

Thankfully my family survived the destruction. Their houses were ruined, but they were grateful that they could create a home in the tent housing that the UN provided. After I finally got in touch with my family, they discouraged the idea of making a film in Haiti. They didn’t want me to represent the country in the way that it was. I listened to them, but I was still itching to make a film. Filmmaking has always been my passion, and at 25 years old I couldn’t wait any longer. My first feature film, Kaleb, grew out of this strong desire to make movies.

The inception of Kaleb developed when I worked as a gaffer on a small indie film. On that set, I met most of the crew that would later help me create my first feature. I was extremely motivated by these young and hungry individuals. I knew then and there in order to make my film I would need this crew. Ideas for Kaleb were budding quickly in my brain, and after each 14-hour day on set I would go home and work on the treatment. After we wrapped the shoot, I began writing the screenplay for Kaleb. Although a fan of mainstream cinema, I wanted to write something unconventional, unstructured, unafraid and unapologetic, something raw but rich in spirit. It was going to be a film about the world we live in. Kaleb needed to be simple while complex in character.

After completing the screenplay, it turned out to be everything that I wanted it to be. The film is a manifestation of my dreams and a testimonial of my upbringing as a Haitian, seventh day Adventist. The film reminds us of what’s most important: Family. – Kervans Barthelamy

Denmark tour

We plan to start out in Copenhagen, then rest of Sjællend, Fyn og Jylland.  We will be visiting university’s, film schools, churches and cultural houses. After every screening of the film there will be Q&A where the audience can ask questions to the director and have a discussion about the film subjects.

We believe this tune is important because the film is a cultural study of the immigrant experience and contains issues that need to be discussed globally. The film reminds us that although we are all different, have different backgrounds, culture and religions we all humans and share the same values and feelings.

The film have bin very well received in The US and Haiti and have won four awards.

Cannes World Peace Initiative: Best Feature Honorable Mention and Best Actor

Haiti Cultural Exchange: Haiti Film Festival Selection

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