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Dear friends,

Recently we’ve been recording a video in France for a new song of ours, but something went wrong. The first three days worked out just perfect, and all the material from these days is safe. On the fourth day we travelled to a beach in Normandy to shoot the remaining scenes. During the transfer and back up of the files from that last day these files were erased. This was not our mistake, but a technical one which could not be fixed. Now we have an incomplete video, and we have to back to that beach in Normandy to shoot the scenes again, although these scenes were very difficult, especially for the actor. We have to rent all the equipment again, and this is why we really need your help. I’ve put all of my money into making this album along with promotion and videos. We’re looking at an additional cost of €600, and I truly hope for your help. A great music video is necessary for a project like ours to promote our music and concerts and to give you the opportunity to share our music with friends. At the moment, we have 3/4 of the all the material, but with your help we can make it!

The video is being directed by the extremely talented Paul Laccarrière. You can check out his great work right here:

Thanks for reading this far, and for even just considering helping us out. It means a lot to us!

Much love,
Snævar // Dad Rocks!



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