Gzim’s New Teeth

Charlottenlund Staermose Community

In 2009 we did the film OUT OF LOVE with street children in Kosovo. The film gained broad attention around the world, and won major awards at the biggest festivals. (OUT OF LOVE won a Danish academy Award, awards at the Berlinale and Rotterdam Film Festival, and was nominated for a European Film Award amongst others.)

Gzim, one of the street kids from the film, now urgently needs major dental work done to replace his teeth.

It is extremely urgent and medically necessary that he gets this work done. Gzim continues to live under extremely difficult and stressful conditions in the small city of Prizren, and it is prohibitively expensive for him to do it.

Please donate to help Gzim get his new teeth as soon as possible.  Any size contribution will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much.

Producer Jesper Morthorst & Director Birgitte Stærmose





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