Godspeed the Human Condition

København godspeed Kunst
Godspeed - crowdfunding - booomerang

A collaborative art project that means something.


Godspeed the Human Condition & Friends is a collaborative art project that will feature a group of Danish artists working together to create unique and spontaneous pieces of art over the course of 5 days.

The idea is to push the artists out of their normal comfort zone, by forcing them to adapt to their own work to coexist with another artists work. They will have to contribute to a body of work, without having ever seen it before and without any knowledge of what artist had worked on it before them.

Once the production of the pieces is complete, they will be exhibited during Copenhagen Artweek and put up for sale to the public. The proceeds will go to the artists that contributed on each individual piece.

& Friends is live-streamed to the world via www.youtube.com/andfriendsvideo and we welcome new Friends. Please like us, follow us, subscribe to our YouTube channel and tell your friends!




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