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GOAL 2014


Goal 2014 Football Manager is a totally free football (soccer) management game, with no in-app purchases or pay-to-win opportunities for iOS and Android operating systems. The game has been developed by the creative minds at  Goal Games GmbH. It took a little over six months. We are now able to provide daily entertainment for over 8000 users. Goal 2014 FM was released in November 2012 in Switzerland, and is now available throughout Europe, America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. With your support, our next goal is to reach a worldwide audience.

The Goal 2014 FM, managers can:
– Create their own club
– Manage finances by choosing sponsors, improve stadiums, setting ticket prices, etc.
– Buy and sell players
– Adjust training to improve their player’s attributes
– Join the 7 leagues and a global Cup
– Set the line-up and choose a style of play
– Follow the game through the live ticker
– Much, much more


Goal Games is not just a start-up involved in the creation of mobile games. It is a concept, a society, an idea! We believe that everyone should have access to free quality games for mobile devices with a business model that supports it. Based in Berlin, the company was founded in March 2012 by the first supporter of this idea, our founder and a true believer, Arne Bahnsen. From the start there were 7 members, and our team has grown considerably since. Every day we give our best to improve our product and offer our users the best support and service.


We are a young international team of 18 football-loving people from 11 different countries. Our team’s unique skills in terms of language and culture helps us understand our worldwide users. Similar to our game, our team constantly growing, which is necessary for improvement and to make our product better known – as well as support our existing and new users.


The idea came to Arne when he was in Cologne for a couple of years ago. He was bored in his hotel room after a long day and wanted to play a game that was fun and entertaining. The problem was that he could not find a game in which they would be free, with no in-app purchases, and without any other form of payment! He saw a gap in the market, and decided to develop a game that would be both fun and free, and promised to keep it free no matter the cost. It is, as you know very normal to encourage you to buy a game just to ask you to continue spending money within and even outside the game?! We have had enough of it. We have learned so much throughout this journey – experiments that failed, things that worked, and the development of an idea that now exists as something more than just an app. Goal 2014 Football Manager has become a mindset for those who participate in it. It is a community. It is a game. And it is still under development.


Arne’s dream has now been in operation for 2 years, with highly satisfactory results, a new challenge is in sight. Being available in Europe was the first step, now we have played out around the world. With this crowdfunding project, we will ensure that our game continues to evolve – and it helps us deliver a better service to our new Danish players.

With the funds we receive, we plan to

  • Fix all the improvements, updates and new versions more quickly and efficiently, including
  • Friend Lists – because a sport manager games require complete social media integration, including friends lists. Send invitations to friends outside, inviting them to participate. We also want to make it possible for managers to communicate with friends in the game, and make it possible to create a league specifically designed for friends and more.
  • Available worldwide – we have already expanded in Europe, America and Australia, and we are keen to keep making our free games available worldwide! Revamped layout and visual enhancements
  • More choices and options
  • Be more cost-effective and efficient
  • Expanding our expertise through staff who will ensure faster improvement
  • Promote our game to grow the community in Denmark


There are a large number of Football Manager apps on the market. But we are the only free football manager app, and always will be. The challenges are not only being on the market, but also to keep us competitive in terms of quality – such as game design, graphics, simulation, etc.., We believe in our product. It is unique that we offer and it should stay that way.



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