Cph/ San Diego Music collaboration

A partnership between two amazing and quite different musicians. Two different sounds, two distinct personalities melt into the band of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. An inter- national transatlantic collaboration.

The fusion consists of the two gentlemen Simon Muschinsky (When Saints Go Machine – Denmark) and Note (NOTE – San Diego). They met for the first time in October 2012, though they have been working together for the past 6 years via online collaboration.

Ever since they started collaborating, they have been sending over and sharing each other’s music, and even producing music together despite never entering the same studio. They have developed their music and style together through file sharing and several Skype conversations.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen have released a tape at Tambourhinocerus as well as an EP at Proximal Records, but now is the time for more and new music. They will meet up again in January 2014 to continue their work for an upcoming album, and to keep inspiring each other.

Though the internet has been of great help, they now want to try to work together in the same studio and see what happens.

…And we want to be there! We want to showcase the process and the project that is League of Extraordinary Gentlemen! How these collaborations are a huge part of developing new music, working without limits, and exploring transatlantic collaboration.

Since the album will be produced in San Diego, we would like to continue the ‘across boarder’ mentality and collaboration, and bring film- makers from Denmark to work with people in San Diego.


…And we’d love for you to take part in it!

We are looking for financing for the videos. Even the smallest donation will be greatly appreciated. All donators will be credited in the films and will receive a free track from League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’s unreleased album.

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