Boost Your Energy

Klampenborg (2930) Louise Nørlund Bøger
doctor of the future

Boost Your Energy is a book about balancing your life whilst optimizing your energy through healthy living. Correctly combined foods, thoughts, body awareness and developing a daily routine that will help you optimize your health thus preventing diseases.

Since my early youth I have studied health at all levels. I work intensively helping people through my therapies and have been for 15 years. I have gained enormous knowledge through my precious time spent in Asia where I have learned the secrets for a balanced life and early on I was committed to inspire others to connect with their life mission and passions.

I am committed to helping a large number of people globally in times of a rapid booming of diabetes and obesity whilst also considering Conscious Consuming from an environmental point of view. Through workshops, this book and through my everyday work 1:1.

I found crowdfunding could work for this project.

Breakdown of the expenses:

Photographer 25.000 DKK

Graphic designer: 20.000 DKK

Publishing/printing of actual book depending on numbers 15.000

Online updating/Blog/newsletter design 10.000DKK

In 2017 I am planning to make a book/workshop tour around the world where I will offer workshops and training for people globally. My mission is to start training kids from an early age about food handling and choosing good fuel for optimized health.

It is time we all learn about simple healthy foods and habits that can help us whilst helping planet Earth too.

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