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Audio Tourist provides audio guides to enrich the experiences for tourists visiting cities, museums or exhibition sites. We are now seeking funding to take the experience from the physical device on to a smartphone app, as well as developing new destinations.

Audio Tourist projektet har til formål at skabe endnu bedre oplevelser for turister og andre besøgende der gæster København eller andre byer. Vi har startet projektet op med at udvikle en lydafspiller og har taget første skridt med København som første destination. Nu vil vi gerne udvikle en app, og tage næste skridt med en ny destination. Støt, og hjælp til med til at bringe gode oplevelser med Audio Tourist ud i verden.


Exploration by ear

What do you do when you arrive at a city which you have never visited before? You want to see it all, but don’t want to follow a group or spend time reading up on sights, history and where to go?

Now there is a new way, and it’s called the Audio Tourist! The Audio Tourist is small and chic audio player giving a whole new experience of exploring a city through an audio guided tour. You turn it on and you are ready to go. You decide in which order you want to see the different sites, and in what pace. And the best thing is, you get to keep the guide afterwards, giving you a cool souvenir from your trip.

The Audio Tourist has been designed in Luxembourg by two young innovators sharing the passion for exploration and travelling. They met many years ago while during military service on the remote island of Bornholm in the baltic sea. Since then, their many journeys around the world they had often found themselves in need of a quick and convenient way to explore a city, museum or neighbourhood. The Audio Tourist is an answer to that need. Now we are seeking funds to develop more destinations as well as design an app for smartphones.



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